Bel-Ray HVI Suspension Fluid - 5W, 10W and 15W 99360/99370/993080/99390

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Bel-Ray HVI Racing Suspension Fluid is formulated specifically for use in gas pressurized shocks. The oil is fortified with Extreme Pressure additives to reduce component wear in all highly loaded racing applications.  This high Viscosity Index oil provides all racing shocks with precise and consistent viscosity control while insuring maximum wear protection.

  • Recommended for all racing and other high performance shock applications requiring minimal friction and consistent damping, including road racing, off-road motorcycles and ATVs
  • Provides the best lubrication performance and seal protection for all-season use
  • Follow manufacturer’s recommendation for selecting the appropriate grade.  For fine tuning damping characteristics all grades of Bel-Ray HVI Racing Suspension Fluid may be blended with each other
  • Features and Benefits:
  • Superior anti-wear - Unique Bel-Ray anti-wear additive chemistry greatly reduces friction and wear in all hydraulic suspension systems for long lasting suspensions, more responsive and reliable performance.
  • Minimized friction - Exceptional lubricity and low elastomer reactivity minimize “stiction” of aluminum and steel components. Increases seal performance for a more responsive suspension under braking conditions over rough terrain.
  • High Viscosity Index - Eliminates suspension fading.  Unequaled viscosity stability provides consistent suspension damping and response for more precise and predictable handling, even as the suspension system heats up.
  • Anti-foam - Eliminates foaming and air entrainment for consistent damping.

General Description: Bel-Ray HVI Racing Suspension Fluid eliminates suspension fade under the most demanding racing conditions.  The exceptional viscosity stability and anti-friction and anti-foam properties maximize performance of all rear suspension systems.  It is recommended for all OEM factory fill replacements.
Product No. 99360 99370 99380 99390
Grade 3W 5W 10W 15W